There’s nothing more professional!


Simple organization – completely without Excel


Flexible presentation platforms


Effortless data administration


40% less organizational effort


Professional scoring: Online Leaderboard



Guest and invitational management

Cut your organizational time commitment by up to 40%!


Multi-level invitation process


Online RSVP form


Easy management of participants


Organization of seating arrangements and pairings



Livescoring and presentation

Livescoring makes all the difference!


LiveScoring on mobile devices


Quick score evaluations with the
GI18 software


Live leaderboard in the clubhouse
and online


Presentation engine for the event



Online Auction Platform

Even more professional charity auctions!


Auction platform on mobile devices


Live auction before and during the event


Display of current bids and e-mail reminders


Automatic payment request following
a successful bid



are you planning a premium golf event?

Take your event to the next level!


Thanks to our experience as organizers of charitable golf tournament we know:


Event management becomes less complicated when you are equipped with the right software.
  • Forget about complex Excel lists and make
    your invitation process easier.

  • Reduce the time you put into the organization
    of your event with a custom IT platform.


The specialized software i|NORIS®-GI18 is your tool when it comes to efficient management and processing of participant and event data during your tournaments.


Our software modules

Livescoring and presentation

Tournament monitoring on a professional level


  • Live scoring via the LiveScoring-App
  • Score immediately added to the software when entered
  • Leaderboard in the Clubhouse
  • Score publication
  • present the pairings
  • Display the sponsors
  • Play videos and slideshows
  • Show important information
  • Present the auction items




Guest-/invitational management

Event administration with newly found ease


  • Invitation management and online RSVP
  • Excel interfaces
  • Quota management
  • Participant management and waiting list
  • Resource management
  • Shuttles and transfer possibilities
  • Tournament administration with flight pairing
  • Seating plan for the post-tournament evening event




Online Auction Platform

Enjoyable bidding brings more charitable proceeds


  • Add and organize auction items
  • Online auction
  • Local auction platform during the event
  • Display of auction items and current biddings




Why i|NORIS®-GI18


Our twofold expertise


Over the years, we have gained extensive knowledge by organizing our own events, which is important for the organization and execution of a premium event.


We support you with our experience and submit qualified advice on possible issues.


On our hotline you will find focused professionals as your contacts, ones that combine two areas of expertise: long-standing proficiency in organizing golf specific charity events as well as the absolute IT competence of a software company.



Your Advantages: An Overview


  • Invitation process from A to Z with the software suite
  • No more work with intricate excel lists
  • Save up to 40% of time during the organizational process
  • Preservation of resources thanks to simple operations
  • One software to do it all
  • A centralized database lets you work with up-to-date data
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere with the cloud – 100% web-based
  • Participant management with hotel accommodations and grouping of shuttle services
  • Internationally usable thanks to translation tables


What our customers say about us!


PGA Professional Schuster&Lubenau
„As a former Tour Player the software amazes me with the possibility to make the participants feel like a part of a pro-tournament. Live-Scoring, Leaderboard, Pairings List with photos. To make the players feel special and entertained is the key and makes the difference. As an agency and organizer of events I can recommend the software to everybody working in the same business area. The Software safes you time and eases up many processes.“
President Eagles Charity Golf Club e.V.
„The flight pairings with the pictures of the playing guests as well as the presentation of the sponsors is fairly attractive. What I find particularly astonishing is the effect the software has on the organization of the event. We saved up to 40% of our time by working with GI18.“
Christoph Kuhnle //
Chief Executive Officer JUWELIER KUHNLE
"As organizer and main sponsor of the Young Seniors Open I appreciate GI18. We reduced our expenditure of time during the invitation processes by working with the software. For example you can crate and send E-Mails such as invitations or invoices. Especially the opportunity of the online registration for your guests is very important to us. With GI18 you can work from wherever you are which is an absolute advantage if it comes to efficient work. The software simplifies the daily work."
Board-member of the
Thueringer Charity Open e.V.
"The Thueringer Charity Open e.V. organizes the biggest charity golf tournament in Thuringia for 9 years now. The popular supporter Franz Beckenbauer took part in the event the fifth time and helped us to collect charity funds for the good cause. The event’s initiators are people and companies who do the work in addition to their daily business. With i|NORIS® GI18 we use a software that allows us to plan and organize the event in an efficient and transparent way. We see the participants’ development and are able to edit the flight or table lists. The ease of using the program and the possibility to reflect changes immediately or the fact that we always work with up-to-date information, is a valuable contribution of the software solution when it comes to terms like time saving, data synchronization or the flow of information."
Malte Heinemann //
Project Clean Winners e.V.
"We are using GI18 for our big Clean Winners Golf-Charity for three years now and we are still impressed. Due to the convincing participant management we save precious time we can then efficiently use on other tasks. Our big auction was upgraded to a higher level by using the GI18 auction platform. Our guests were able to place their biddings via a tablet pc in the run-up or during the evening event itself.
This new feature animated more guests to participate."
Olcher H. Knoop //
former Managing Director Jura Golf Park GmbH
"As home course of noris-ib we have the luck to see and use the software from the very first moment. Especially if you have many big tournaments during the year you learn about the software’s big advantages in preparation and execution of an event. The additional features (e.g. Leaderboard, LiveScoring, Slideshow or Videos) complement the software. But we also do not want to miss the possibility to use the features of the software for the daily work (e.g. Greeting of Travelgroups)."
PGA Professional
„As Fully Qualified PGA Golf-Professional I know lots of organizers and event agencies who arrange themselves with MS Office-Solutions. Because I often work as a tournament director I know tournament organization. It is very important to keep the work simple and not complicated. Due to the fact GI18 is intuitive you can create flights, change a guests data or add new guests with ease. If you want to safe time during the organization process of a tournament you need a software that “talks golf”.
Noris-IB® created the perfect software.“

Our Clients







Why not discover the benefits for yourself?




  • Timesaving invitation process
  • Prevent working with outdated data
  • Easy integration of the online registration portal into existing websites
  • Possibility to update or change search requests since last session
    (Delta Report)
  • Supports the score evaluation of tournament series on different
    golf courses
  • Supports online registration and data collection in team competitions
  • Non-golf events and alternative programs for the tournament can be managed in the suite
  • Data encryption


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